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Controlled levels of personal debt often allow us to achieve things that otherwise would not have been possible; going on a once in a lifetime holiday, buying a new car, building an extension to your home, keeping up with the latest fashion, buying a state of the art plasma TV and surround sound system………

In short it allows us to purchase products or services prior to us actually having saved the money to do so. This is not a bad thing, as long as the repayments are affordable.

Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, it is becoming more and more common that people cannot afford to service the level of debt that they find themselves with.

Total UK personal debt at the end of May 2010 stood at £1.460 trillion. The twelve-month growth increased to 0.9%. Individuals owe more than what the whole country produces in a year (Reference Credit Action 9th July 2010)

As a consequence of the ever rising level of debt, people often find that they can get into arrears with their mortgage payments, loans and credit cards and receive County Court Judgments for unpaid debt. Sometimes it can feel that there is no option other than to continue in this very miserable downward spiral; but this is not the case.

If you are reading this because you are struggling with your finances, rest assured you are not alone. And more importantly, there are options available to you. These range from consolidating the debt onto a personal loan or your home to make the repayments more affordable, to entering into a voluntary arrangement with your creditors. At our initial free of charge appointment we will discuss these and other options available, and help you find a way back to a life where you are controlling the debt; not where the debt is controlling you.

When consolidating unsecured personal debt onto your home, you should be aware that whilst this may mean you will make short term savings, over the long term, you may end up paying more. This is because you may be extending the period of the loan. You are also transferring previously unsecured debts to a mortgage which is secured on your home and this could result in your home being repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on the debt secured on your home.

Solution Finance Limited are not Insolvency Practitioners. However should we feel that you would benefit by speaking with an Insolvency Practitioner we will recommend one for you to talk to.

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Controlled commercial debt is the oil that keeps the wheels of industry turning. It helps businesses trade by providing cash flow prior to invoices being paid; it provides funding for the acquisition of new equipment; it can fund for business expansion; to break into new markets; capital to acquire new premises………….the list is endless.

Unfortunately raising the finance is not always as easy as identifying the needs. Particularly where the level of debt is high and the account with the existing bankers may be under pressure. Understandably this can sometimes lead to a relationship breakdown and a stalemate ensues. The bank will not lend any more money and the business cannot operate without additional funding.

This is why Solution Finance as Independent Finance Brokers are so well placed. We will discuss the situation with the existing bankers to see if we can raise finance elsewhere and then act as the intermediary between the business and other financiers to identify and structure the right types of finance that can support the business in the most effective way. Proposals would then be made to these lenders on the businesses behalf.

By keeping in regular contact with your existing bankers it could help to relive the pressure on the account, particularly if we can confirm that we have managed to source additional finance elsewhere.

We not only look at traditional funding methods of loans and overdrafts but will also consider factoring of debts and invoice discounting, equipment leasing - both new and pre-owned, the dti small firms loan guarantee scheme, stock finance and venture capital are all types of finance that we have access to.

Unfortunately there are times when finance is not the answer, possibly because of the level of indebtedness is so high, or because the business proposition is simply not viable any longer – often the business owner will have come to this conclusion themselves. In these situations we would refer you to a Business Insolvency Company where they would discuss the options available to you.

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